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Department of Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment, Graduate School, The University of Tokyo
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Development of Digital Twin for Reliable Systems in Ocean

Hideaki MURAYAMA Professor

Maritime and Ocean Digital Engineering

Hideaki MURAYAMA Professor

Floating Type Ocean Current Turbine System

Ken TAKAGI Professor

Carbon Capture and Storage in the Sub-sea using Hydrate System

Toru SATO Professor / Yoshihiro KONNO Associate Professor

To be the Front-runner Realizing the Sustainable Northern Sea Route

Takuji WASEDA Professor / Ryota WADA Associate Professor / Tsubasa Kodaira Lecture

Supporting Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition

Takuji WASEDA Professor / Hideaki MURAYAMA Professor / Takashi KIKUCHI Visiting Professor

An Interactive Concept Evaluation Model for Social Implementation of Methane Hydrate Development

Yoshihiro KONNO Associate Professor / Ryota WADA Associate Professor

Japan’s Methane Hydrate R&D Program

Toru SATO Professor / Yoshihiro KONNO Associate Professor

A Study on the Suppression of Leakage of CO2 Purposefully Stored in the Sub-sea Geological Formation

Toru SATO Professor

Development of Wave-Argo-Typhoon and International Collaboration

Takuji WASEDA Professor / Tsubasa Kodaira Lecture

Combining Physics-based Model and Data Science for Ultra-deep Drilling

Ryota WADA Associate Professor

Development of Advanced Hybrid Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Technology for Low Carbon Society and Sustainable Energy System: First Experimental OTEC Plant of Malaysia

Takuji WASEDA Professor

Development of a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine

Shinichiro HIRABAYASHI Associate Professor
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