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Development of Wave-Argo-Typhoon and International Collaboration

KAKENHI (2019~2021)
Developing ocean observation float to understand the wave-ocean interaction under stormy weather

In recent years, extreme events such as typhoon and bomb-cyclone has been frequently reported. Typhoons are extremely complex natural phenomena in which the atmosphere, waves, and oceans interact. For the momentum and heat flux estimation at the sea surface, wind speed, water temperature, and the geometry of the sea surface, namely the directional spectrum of waves become important. However, their field observations are quite limited. In this study, we aim to develop a wave-ocean observation float, Wave-Argo-Typhoon (WAT), that can simultaneously measure waves and the temperature structure inside the ocean, in order to study wave-ocean interactions under stormy weather.

Testing Wave-Argo-Typhoon observation device near Enoshima

Testing Wave-Argo-Typhoon observation device near Enoshima

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