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Department of Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment, Graduate School, The University of Tokyo
The University of Tokyo
Department Overview

Department Overview

The goal is to produce competent and internationalized graduates qualified to take on the various issues of the 21st century through the utilization and understanding of the oceans surrounding us.

Aim of the Department

To establish academic and research programs that lead to the development of new ocean industries and marine environments, of key technologies for ocean utilization and conservation, and of ocean policies.

The program acquaints students with ocean technology policy , marine resource development, marine energy utilization, marine environment conservation, and ocean fundamentals. Laboratory exercises and ocean observations help students to acquire high level skills. Graduates are expected to contribute to the creation of ocean policies, promotion of ocean industries, and conservation of marine environments.

Academic and Research Programs

The department promotes research and education that lead to finding solutions of global environmental concerns such as climate change and shortages of energy, resources and food. Marine environment plays a pivotal role and therefore, its utilization and preservation is key.

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