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The vast ocean that engulfs 70% of the Earth’s surface plays a pivotal role in the planet’s life support system and serves as a bountiful reservoir of food, energy, and minerals. Despite Japan’s limitations in land resources, its exclusive economic zone provides abundant opportunities for utilizing the ocean’s benefits to tackle critical issues, including energy supply and the acquisition of resources that are inaccessible through conventional land-based means.

To ensure the sustainable use of this vital resource, a deep understanding of the ocean and its intelligent exploitation while preserving the environment it is crucial. As pioneers in Japan’s engineering sector, our department is devoted to addressing such challenges and has been making significant strides in ocean research. These include the use of underwater robots and the IoT for ocean observation, the marine environmental impact assessment using numerical models and data science, the exploitation of marine renewable energy and seafloor mining using systems engineering, and the development of autonomous and unmanned systems.

As our work progresses, we believe that new ocean industries will emerge, and our department’s young members will lead the way. Our faculty members are at the forefront of ocean technology research, both nationally and internationally, and in addition to our Kashiwa campus facilities, the University of Tokyo offers a diverse range of research facilities on other campuses, where students may have the opportunity to go on ocean expeditions with research vessels. Even brief periods of research and study in this privileged environment can be an invaluable experience for life. It is our students who will lead Japan’s and the world’s future by unlocking the ocean’s potential, and our department is committed to maintaining an environment that fosters this goal through the tireless efforts of all our staff.

Department Head, Department of Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment

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