Ken TAKAGI Professor

Ken Takagi Professor 
Ocean Technology Policy 



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Career Summary
1982: BEng, Faculty of Engineering (Osaka University)
1985-93: Research associate (Osaka University)
1989: EngD from (Osaka University)
1993-95: Lecturer (Osaka University)
1994-95: Visiting Fellow (California Institute of Technology)
1995-08: Associate Professor (Osaka University)
1998-99: Visiting Fellow (Bristol University)
2008-present: Professor (University of Tokyo)

Educational Activities
Graduate school:Marine technology policy, Applied fluid dynamics

Research Activities
Research Activities
Sailing-type floating offshore wind plant (2003-):
It is very important to introduce renewable energy plants such as wind turbines and solar panels. However, suitable places for these plants on land are limited in Japan. The ocean has high potential as a suitable place to install many wind turbines and generate a considerable amount of electricity. We propose a sailing-type floating offshore wind plant that has unique features such as sailing-type mooring and high-sea avoidance. We also investigate a new logic to find the optimum sailing route for maximizing energy generation.

GHG reduction in marine transportation (2007-):

The green house gas (GHG) emission in international marine transportation is comparable with GHG emission in Germany. However, there is no standard index to measure the GHG emission from ships, because it is technically very difficult to estimate the effects of wind and waves on the fuel consumption of a ship. We try to overcome this difficulty and develop an index for the GHG emission of ships.

1) Takagi, K., Noguchi, J. and Kinoshita, T.: Hydroelastic Motions and Drift Forces of Very Large Mobile Offshore Structure in Waves, Int. J. of Offshore and Polar Engineering, Vol. 15, No. 3, pp. 183-188, (2005).
2)Takagi, K. and Noguchi, J. : A pFFT-FE Coupling for Hydroelastic Analysis of Floating Flexible Structures in Waves, Applied Ocean Research, Vol. 28, pp. 223-233, (2006).

Other Activities
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Marine Technology Society (MTS)
Techno-Ocean Network (TON)
International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineering (ISOPE)
Japan Society of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (JASNAOE)
Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)
Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (IEEJ)

Future Plan
We hope to develop ocean technologies that can overcome major issues such as the depletion of natural resources, the food crisis, and global warming, and to make policy recommendations. For this, we are conducting several marine projects and trying to identify key technologies in each project. We are planning to expand the research field to deep ocean mining in the near future, and are trying to propose an ocean technology policy in a comprehensive and systematic fashion.

Messages to Students
We are trying to resolve major issues facing humanity by wisely utilizing the ocean. I hope you will join us to tackle these issues.