Department of Ocean Technology,Policy and Environment Graduate School,The University of Tokyo

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Department of Ocean Technology, Policy and Environment
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Responding to the demands of the present age, we open this new department and widely recruit students.

Department of Ocean Technology, Policy and EnvironmentFrom the Japanese sea, which gains in importance, we aim to cultivate the human resources who can make a new proposal based on the innovative researches and the comprehensive field of view.

The ocean technology environment major shapes the core that intersects education and research related to the ocean. From an international viewpoint and in accordance with the basic principle of collaboration with government departments, which is essential when dealing with the ocean, the university aims to cultivate human resources that can contribute to solving problems related to the ocean.

We accept students regardless of their experience in studies of the ocean.

The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo
The University of Tokyo Ocean Alliance
Realization of Integrated Ocean DEvelopment and UTilization systems
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