Examination Information

Examination Information for Entrance in September, 2017 and April, 2018

Announcement of Successful Exam & Number of Students Accepted

1. Resurvey of Choice of Laboratory

After Special Oral Examination, the number of students acceptable to each program (supervisor) for Master Course students was fixed (See, Number of Students Accepted per Laboratory for Applicants for Master Course
If the applicants want to change the order of preferable programs (supervisors), please re-submit the list after Essay Examination on 21 Aug. 2017.
The list will also be delivered after Essay Examination on 21 Aug. 2017.

    2. Announcement of Successful Examinees (Applicants for Master Course)

    Academic Year 2017 

    Second Examination of Schedule A and First and Second Examination of Schedule B

    Successful examinees and their assigned laboratories is attached below.

    3. Number of Students Accepted per Laboratory for Applicants for Master Course

    The number for 2017 Sep/2018 Apr has been fixed.
    -List of Laboratories and Number of Students Accepted for Master Course Applicants by Ordinary Examination and Special Selection for Applicants with Overseas Education
    Programs Adviser Students
    Ocean Technology Policy Ken TAKAGI, Prof. 3
    Ocean Industrial Science and Technology Masahiko OZAKI, Prof. 3
    Integrated Marine-System Health Management Hideaki MURAYAMA, Prof. 3
    Ocean Resource and Energy
    Shinichiro HIRABAYASHI, Assoc. Prof.
    Ocean Information Systems
    Hajime YAMAGUCHI, Prof.
    Applied Physical Oceanography Takuji WASEDA,  Prof. 3
    Marine Environmental Modelling and Synthesizing Toru SATO, Prof. 3
    Marine Environment Systems Shigeru TABETA, Prof. 3
    Ocean Remote Sensing Chang-Kyu RHEEM, Prof. 3
    Underwater Platform Systems Toshihiro MAKI, Assoc. Prof. 3
    Marine Environment Observation To be announced
    Climate Prediction and its Application Swadhin BEHERA, Visiting Prof.