Our goal is to develop a better relationship between the ocean and mankind by leading industrialization of marine technologies and implementation of marine policy through research and education.

The ocean, which covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface, affects the climate through the exchange of heat, momentum, and gases (materials), such as water vapor and carbon dioxide, in the surface, and through the global circulation of seawater in thousands of meters deep. The ocean is a huge source of food, minerals, fossil fuels, and renewable energy. In addition, it is used as routes to transport a large amount of goods.

While people are not able to easily access most parts of the ocean especially the polar areas and deep sea, the ocean will offer opportunities to enjoy the richness and explore a new frontier to a large extent if you have professional knowledges and advanced technologies. In the department of ocean technology, policy, and environment (OTPE), R&D projects on ocean observation using robots and IoT, environment evaluation using numerical models and data-driven approaches, development of ocean renewable energies and resources with a holistic engineering approach, autonomous and unmanned systems, are ongoing.

In addition to technological issues, bringing enlightenment and developing policies to harmonize the development and environment in the ocean are important. Inconsiderate activities, such as overhunting or overdevelopment, in the ocean cause the reduction of fishery resources and environmental pollution will ruin not only the ecosystem of the earth but also the future of mankind. This happens even if you know that the ocean is the important place for our lives and economy. International and interdisciplinary projects and collaborative activities with local communities become opportunities to be aware of the importance of holistic perspective to recognize problems to be addressed and coordination of various interests and policies.

OTPE faculty and staffs are leading and supporting the advanced research projects and activities in the field of ocean and environmental technology for an achievement of our goal, respectively. Our graduates are active in various fields, based on the ability to think independently and cooperate to drive things, which they learn here. We hope that you have interest in our education program and research projects, and then we look forward to your admission and cooperation.

Department Chair, Department of Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment
Hideaki Murayama
Hideaki Murayama