The ocean, which covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface, affects the climate through the exchange of heat, momentum, and gases (materials), such as water vapor and carbon dioxide, in the surface, and through the global circulation of seawater in thousands of meters deep. The ocean is a huge source of food, minerals, fossil fuels, and renewable energy. In addition, it is used as routes to transport a large amount of goods.

Knowing the ocean better and using it well are important to our lives and economy, and to the sustainable development. However, people are not able to access most parts of the ocean, especially the polar areas and deep seas, without professional knowledge and advanced technologies. Therefore, it is essential to develop technologies that enable us to know the ocean and use it well, and to cultivate human resources capable of the development.

The department of ocean technology, policy, and environment was established in 2008 and has worked in line with the Basic Plan on Ocean Policy based on the Basic Act on Ocean Policy of Japan. Last year, we had 10th anniversary and the Basic Plan was simultaneously reformulated to show the basic policy of six main measures: (1) Promotion of Industrial Use of the Ocean, (2) Maintain and Protect the Maritime Environment, (3) Improve Scientific Knowledge, (4) Promote Arctic Policy, (5) International Collaboration and International Cooperation, (6) Development Human Resources and Promote National’s Understanding. The goal of the department is to lead our society based on industrialization of marine technologies and implementation of marine policy, as contributing to these measures through researches and education. At the 10th anniversary, we were fortunately encouraged by our external advisory board and audiences of the symposium with their understanding of our activities. This drove us to go on the next voyage for the goal.

In this voyage, I steer ahead as using the powerful force generated by my colleagues. Then I hope new students who are interested in the ocean join our journey.

Department Chair, Department of Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment