Under an unprecedented pandemic of the COVID-19, undoubtedly, the students of the OTPE and the future students of the OTPE are having trouble. The faculty members and the staffs of the OTPE are determined to do our best to provide you with uninterrupted opportunities for education and research. And I would like to thank those who are working hard at the medical front lines.

The Department of Ocean Technology Policy and Environment has celebrated its 10th anniversary and has entered its second decade since its establishment in 2008. Since its start, the faculty members have contributed to the establishment of the Ocean Basic Plan and led the research and development after the Tohoku earthquake. Naval architecture and ocean engineering are the basis of successful utilization and protection of the ocean environment, but scientific knowledge, ICT, and policy planning skills are equally relevant. The expertise of the OTPE faculty members covers these fields, and our department has produced graduates who are at the leading edge of their profession.

The graduates are engaged in a wide variety of occupations yet making use of the broad knowledge and research ability acquired at our department. What is unique about ocean research? The scope of ocean development is broad including coastal to offshore regions and surface to deep oceans. The amount of sea traffic is enormous. Yet, because of the unavoidable extreme weather conditions, the development is always constrained by the contradictory requirements of risk avoidance and cost reduction. Moreover, the oceans covering 70 % of the earth's surface in total are connected. Ocean pollution spreads across borders. The ocean as such remains mysterious despite its strong association with us and its industrial scope.

The aim of the Department of Ocean Technology Policy and Environment is to provide opportunities for education and research of the ocean. The wisdom you acquire in our department is not only instrumental in future ocean development and protection but also in a wide variety of fields that you may be working for. Join our department to study the ocean!

Department Chair, Department of Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment
Takuji Waseda
Takuji Waseda