Research Groups and Laboratories

Department of OceanTechnology, Policy, and Environment

Ocean Utilization Group

Our aims are to develop policies, propose new business models, and foster innovation and industrialization in the following future technologies : highly-efficient ocean and sea bed resource development, low-emission maritime traffic, CCS, and ocean space utilization. Costs, benefits, human and environmental risks are evaluated.

Ocean Environment Group

Our aim is to reinforce decision making for ocean utilization and marine environment creation by integrating current scientific knowledge and develop value-added information. Environmental impact assessment system will be established to accelerate environmentally-conscious ocean development through modeling of the standalone and integrated marine environments.

Ocean Sensing Technology Group

Our aim is to advance marine sensor technologies for the ocean surface, ocean interior, and sea bottom. Our professors are jointly appointed with the Institute of Industrial Sciences.

Marine Research and Development System Group

Our aim is to engage in global observational and simulation research through unique opportunities at Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology [JAMSTEC] using their extensive ocean observations and simulations. This is a joint program with JAMSTEC.

Realization of Integrated Ocean DEvelopment and UTilization systems

Our aim is to advance the comprehensive offshore engineering competence of Japan through researches on offshore oil and gas development systems, prediction and monitoring technologies, and subsea technology. Outcomes from this research as well as state-of-the-art technologies are disseminated through offshore engineering courses for students and professional engineers.

Urgent issues and social demand