Voice of Students and Alumni

Voice of Students

Master's course enrolled, Saori Mizuishi

Master's course enrolled, Saori Mizuishi I majored in ecosystem science in undergraduate school. At first I was worried about entering a different field, but in OTPE you can learn from the basics in master course.

I am taking part in a project to provide ocean information to Japanese sailing team, cooperating with other research group in this university. I feel honored to make use of my experience of sailing - I was a member of the university sailing team and participated in Universiade sailing race in the summer of master course 1st year, and also it is very exciting to work with researchers and experts of other fields.

Various programs are offered to OTPE students, such as internships at domestic and foreign institutes or companies. As for me, I will take part in Japan Antarctic Research Expedition to do observation of ocean and sea ice. It OTPE you can take various opportunities to gain experience and advance your research.

Master's course enrolled, Sun Shuxuan

Master's course enrolled, Sun Shuxuan I graduated from Shandong university in China, and have been studying about the detection of high-level concentration of marine CO2 in this major since graduate school. At present, issues such as the marine environment and resource development are receiving much attention from society. For example, as a countermeasure against global warming, my laboratory is conducting research on Carbon-dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS). After entering the laboratory, research inherited from seniors has been promoted under the guidance of my professor and has greatly advanced. We plan to participate in an overseas academic conference as early as the first year of the master's degree. As a foreigner, I'm really excited that not only my language skills and the skills I acquired in my research, but also the valuable experience of presenting at high-level international conferences will be my important gains in my graduate school life. In an environment that is blessed with many opportunities, I think that you can fully engage in substantial research that takes advantage of each person's characteristics. I would definitely recommend going to this major!

Doctor's course enrolled, Makito Kobayashi

Doctor's course enrolled, Makito Kobayashi I am studying structural sensing in doctoral course of this department. In my master's course, I was belonging to school of engineering, and did not have a keen interest in fields of ocean. But as I learned the ocean deeper here, I came to feel that it was a challenging and attractive research fields.

I suppose this department provides an optimal environment for students. There are fewer students relatively, and we have a good communication with teachers. We also interact with people across laboratories. Various opportunities are provided, such as internships in and outside Japan and studying abroad. In this department, you can live a rewarding student life according to your interests.

Voice of Alumni

Ministry of the Environment, Master of Environmental Studies 2014, Honoka Torii

Ministry of the Environment, Master of Environmental Studies 2014, Honoka Tori

In this department, I studied methane hydrate development, carbon dioxide capture and storage and other technology of environment and energy involving ocean. Discussing new business models with classmates and listening to the experiences of lecturers, I learned about ocean, environment and energy from the many points of view through lectures this department had. I also got knowledge of other fields of environment such as environmental economics because we can choose lectures irrelevant to ocean technology.

In Ministry of the Environment I work for now, I consider the way for water environment improvement and administer the laws for creating sound material cycle society. To solve environmental problems, we need wide range of discipline from engineering and science to law and economics. I make good use of my experience in this department such as considering problems and discussing solutions with teachers and other students.

I think you can spend your meaningful student life in this department, especially if you are interested in ocean.

Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha, Master of Environmental Studies 2016, Ryo Fujiwara

DNV・INPEX Master of Environmental Studies 2013, Kazuya Matsui

After graduating from department of materials engineering, I began to study ocean engineering in this department from graduate school. At first, I got bewildered in different academic field, but I could acquire broad and deep knowledge about ocean development since the professors teach us eagerly from basics.

After completing master program, I joined NYK line and support to manage various kinds of vessel from technical aspect in Singapore. Singapore is one of the biggest port in the world so that I can experience worldwide logistics and ship management.

There are various collaboration activities and research with industry, academia and government in this department. And we can also have a lot of opportunity to get along with students majoring other learning and international students. If you would like to challenge something, you will be able to have fulfilling student life.

INPEX CORPORATION, Master of Environmental Studies 2014, Kento Mozumi

INPEX CORPORATION Master of Environmental Studies 2014, Kento Mozumi I chose this department because I was interested in ocean development. Lectures cover a wide range of fields from science and engineering such as physical oceanography to environment and ocean policy. You can get an experience in solving real-world problems from multiple perspectives. The research environment is also enriched. I was able to spend my research days productively utilizing various experiment facilities.

Currently I am working in oil and gas industry and mainly in the design, construction and operation of floating facilities such as FPSO. Because the relationship between energy industry and environmental issues are getting closer these days, I believe what I had experienced here will be more important and utilized in the future.

After graduation, I often work together with professors and other graduates of this department. I feel that building these networks are one of the attractions and it makes work more fulfilling. Those who are interested in ocean development, energy industry and environment are encouraged to study in this department.